It is clear that the ambitious goals of the ROAM project can only be met by gathering together a consortium that consists of different research groups, each representing state-of-the-art in their respective field.

All the required knowledge and equipment cannot be offered by any single organization, nor any single country in Europe. Thus, it was necessary to take a Cross-European approach and to assemble the consortium from a number of carefully selected partners that can together bring world-class expertise to all relevant R&D topics.

When building the consortium we also made sure that it can cover the entire innovation chain from basic research up to systems production and utilization, and that there will be clear exploitation paths for all the technologies developed in the project.

As a result, the ROAM consortium was assembled from three universities (UoG, UNIVBRIS, UL), two research institutes (CNIT, PSNC), and two large companies (IBM, HWDU).

ROAM Roadmap and Partner contributions are depicted in the picture below.



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