Expected Impact

The ROAM project main goal will be to develop and demonstrate OAM-based fibre communication and networking. A 10x improvement of capacity in fibre communication, and a 10x improvement in scalability and power consumption in switching for data-centres applications are the expected outcomes, which will have a significant industrial impact for both data-centre infrastructure manufacturing and data-centre service providers.

Moreover, the technical solutions developed within the ROAM project will have a substantial environmental impacts, through the development of green (low-power) integrated technological solutions, and societal impacts by contributing to the transformation of communication network infrastructures.

In descending order of directness, the ROAM project addresses the following Expected Impacts listed in the Call ICT-06-2014 document:

- Reach higher spectrum efficiency, target 10 fold increase.

- Reduce energy consumption of basic infrastructures by a factor of 10.

- Move beyond 10 Gbps per user within 10 years and 100 Gbps per user in a farther future over fixed accesses.

- Support metro and core networks with Pb/s throughput and Tb/s interface speeds.

- Maintain a state of the art industrial capability on optical network technology in Europe with at least 20% of the global market share.



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