IBM Research GmbH - Zurich Research Laboratory is the European branch of the IBM Research Division.

IBM has a long experience in microelectronic and optical device technology. Research on gate oxides enabled the introduction of high-k dielectrics in 32nm CMOS node. The development of highly reliable 980 nm pump lasers was an important milestone towards the implementation of broadband optical fibre links. The IBM SiON silica-on-silicon technology enabled dense integration of complex optical functions.

IBM provides a state-of-the-art clean-room infrastructure and metrology to tackle an interdisciplinary project like FLATLANDS.

The activities in the Photonics group address both short to medium term needs in board-level optical links, as well as medium to long term opportunities in chip-to-chip and on-chip links. This application oriented group developed optical printed circuit board technology as well as innovative optical packaging concepts.

The group is also investigating optical properties of novel functional materials and developing ultra-small silicon photonics devices.



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