UNIVBRIS - University of BRISTOL


The Photonic Research at UNIVBRIS encompassed fundamental physics, photonic components, photonic integration, photonic information systems, and high performance optical networks. In particular relevant to this project, UNIVBRIS pioneered the whispering gallery mode – angular grating (WGM-AG) integrated OAM device technology, a major source of innovation in this project. The group has a strong experimental focus and is extremely well equipped with transmission capabilities up to 500 Gbps, full photonic elastic switching, Carrier GradeEthernet testbeds, IP routers, OpenFlow switches and ultra high resolution visualization facilities. The underlying network connectivity facilities include: a dark fiber network connectivity; 1 and 10 Gbps dedicated wavelength services over the JANET network; high speed dedicated connectivity over GEANT and GLIF to many research institutions into Europe, North/South America and Asia (Japan).

UNIVBRIS has had a long history, a dedicated support infrastructure, and experience staff for participating in EU projects.



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